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Do you ever wonder what makes someone love a place?  I do.  I've been many places, but Mississippi will always be home - particularly the Mississippi Delta.  Although, all of Mississippi is pretty friendly, the Delta is different.  A little more... tell it like it is, but also a little more lively.  Good people, big hearts, very welcoming.  We are a breed of our own.


Move a Delta Girl to the big City of Oxford, MS and what happens?  She grows even more - More knowledge, more experiences and a even more savvy.  I call Oxford the land of Opportunity.  Opportunity to meet people from all over who enlarge one's perspectives, cultures, and thoughts.  Opportunity to meet people with so many different career paths that stir that creative nature inside.  Opportunity to learn about what makes Ole Miss so great! 


Early on when moving to Oxford, I met an alumni of Ole Miss.  Beautiful lady who invited me and a friend into her home.  She spoke of how her and her husband met at Ole Miss and had a group of friends they met while students there.  They had remained friends all these years and had bought the house together to always come back to their Alma mater and gather.  She showed us numerous albums with pictures of them through the years.  Her husband listened quietly in the next room.  I have to say I felt blessed she shared with us so freely. 


Fast forward 10 years and I show a small cabin of my aunt and uncle's in the Delta.  A great group of young duck hunters from Alabama - might I add a group of um...crimson tide fans.  During our discussion over and hour, one of the guys said, "You know, we are friendly in Alabama...but, there is something different here.  We have come across people from many cultures and economic levels while visiting Greenwood and different areas in Mississippi.  By far, they are just the friendliest and so welcoming."  Yes, I stood a little taller and said, "Yes, we are like that in Mississippi."


So, no matter where you are from and whatever bad wrap Mississippi gets... IT IS NOTICED... IT DOES MATTER... MISSISSIPPI IS A SPECIAL PLACE. 


And yes, we are proud of it!


Thank y'all!


Tracy Pickett

Walking in Downtown Oxford, MS


If you are looking for a refreshing morning walk, why not try the Oxford Square and downtown area? This time of year is a special time in Oxford. So many opportunities await visitors and residence. I, personally, love to get up early and take a morning stroll around the square. The store windows are all decorated and twinkling for the holidays. Lights are strung all around the area. It feels like walking in a Charles Dickens book or a Hallmark Movie. It's the perfect time to reflect on personal development and make plans for the future. It always me with my gratitude list. So, if you live in the Oxford area or are planning a visit, make it a point to wake up early and hit the square for a morning adventure! I hope to see you there!



After a few days of freezing cold weather, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day, today!  Amazing when we think 40 degrees is warm.  The cold hasn't slowed us down any at Remax but the warmth sure does feel good to the soul.


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